What Happens After You Die addresses what is arguably life’s most important question. This book is clear, warm, personal, transparent and God-honoring. Randy Frazee writes like he’s the reader’s friend, taking us on a journey of discovery. I encourage you to walk with him.”

Randy Alcorn, New York Times bestselling author of Heaven and Happiness

“Practical. Encouraging. Highly readable. Informative. These are the words I use to describe the book you are holding. My good friend and coworker, Randy Frazee, has succeeded in clarifying a daunting topic. His teaching is simple, without being simplistic. He instructs without condescending. He answers difficult questions without skirting the issues. This is a go-to book for all of us who want to know more about the next version of life. Way to go, Randy.”

Max Lucado, pastor and New York Times bestselling author

“This is an amazing book! So much more to think about now. Where you’ve been, where you are, and ultimately where we all as Christians want to end up. I’ve never heard the transition from this life to heaven explained so well. You have to read this book.”

George Strait, country singer and songwriter

“The first time I heard the story that drives the content of this book, tears streamed down my face. My good friend Randy Frazee and I share a mutual passion for what comes next after this life that flows from our deep loss, and I’m so thankful he’s sharing the profound truths about real hope that he’s learned on his journey with us through this powerful book.”

Steven Curtis Chapman, Grammy Award–winning singer and songwriter

“An honest, challenging, aimed effort to allow the teaching of Jesus to divinely collide with the greatest mysteries of life. There are certain questions that are asked time and time again and can only be answered by the God who operates outside of time.”

Dr. Ed Newton, lead pastor, Community Bible Church, San Antonio, Texas

“We’ve all wrestled with the concept of what it is going to be like after we die and beyond. Although we’ll never fully grasp the wonders until we get there, Randy paints a beautiful picture from the scriptures. I’ve known Randy for a while now and his heart truly is one to bring encouragement to the body of believers. So be encouraged!”

Jeremy Camp, five-time Dove Award–winning singer and songwriter

“This is a learned, lambent, superbly crafted, grippingly absorbing treatment of the end times. A belter of a book that calls across the generations. Save an evening to read it, and you’ll savor it for a lifetime.”

Dr. Leonard Sweet, professor and bestselling author, Absecon, New Jersey

“This book is a super practical, biblical guide that I would feel comfortable giving to anyone I know—believer or non. It’s chock full of scripture, and I can’t wait to use it as a tool to teach my children about the deep truths of heaven. Randy is truly a man of God, and I’m grateful to call him a friend!”

Francesca Battistelli, Grammy Award–winning artist

“Usually prior to endorsing a book, I skim through it. That was impossible with What Happens After You Die. You’ll want to devour every word and scripture in this book. Prepare to be taught, encouraged, and challenged from God’s Word and Randy’s heart.” 

Dave Stone, senior pastor, Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, Kentucky

“The idea that all we will do is cast our crowns and cry “Holy, Holy, Holy” for the rest of eternity causes a sense of dread and boredom for most men I know. This is all we’ll do in heaven? Randy Frazee gives so much more insight into the adventure God has in store for us for all eternity!”

Todd Smith, lead singer of Selah, the multi-platinum and Dove Award–winning group

“We all have questions when it comes to life’s most confusing and dangerous transition. His answers are wonderfully refreshing, honest, and powerfully biblical.”

Kenton Beshore, senior pastor, Mariners Church, California